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Some information about the hardware running this site and the rest of JasonAntman.com.


The fact that the IT industry has, largely, moved to x86-compatible hardware for servers has had a great impact on the cost of enterprise-grade hardware. More importantly, with the seemingly overnight introduction of new technology and improvements, the market is awash with inexpensive used servers and other hardware.

Jasonantman.com is hosted out of my home, with connectivity provided by a residential fiber connection. Connectivity provides transfer rates of about 2 Mb down and 1.2 Mb up. Due to the dynamic IP that comes with my connection, DNS is provided by DynDNS.org, and due to my ISP's blocking of port 80, HTTP is redirected to port 10011 (as seen in the URL).

While a complete list is not appropriate, my network provides external services including HTTP, SMTP, IMAP, and others, as well as a host of internal services. Availability is quite high, as seen from the uptime statistics on the bottom of my homepage with most downtime resulting from administrative tasks or physical relocation of machines. A few hours' worth is also due to power outages longer than my UPS can cope with.

Additional hardware includes a Bay Networks BayStack 450-24T 10/100 Mbps 24-port switch (with SNMP and Telnet management) and a few APC UPS's with AP9605 management cards.

I also have a substantial network running in my apartment at school, administered by myself and my roommate (an electrical engineering major). The biggest project there is a TrixBox server (an all-in-one distribution that aims to provide an Asterisk/FreePBX PBX server running on CentOS and many helpful utilities). At the moment, we have an X-100P FXO card for external PSTN access, have implemented voicemail-to-email, and are contemplating moving the entire apartment to VoIP.

Images of Current Hardware 2007-12-28

I took these (poor quality) photos with my new Treo 700p after installing my new Solaris Mailserver ("MAIL1", the SunBlade on the top shelf).

The entire rack:

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