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I am currently working for or have worked for Rutgers University, Sun Microsystems, Inc. and various other companies.

The information expressed herein is the sole opinion of its author, Jason Antman, and is no way associated with any past, present, or former employer, associate, or affiliate of its' author. It is in no way endorsed by any party other than its author. Its content is not guaranteed to be correct.

Use of any information contained herein is subject to any and all laws and regulations which apply to the reader. It is the sole responsibility of the reader to ensure compliance with all appropriate laws, legislation, and regulation.

Technical descriptions contained herein are provided with no warranty or guarantee whatsoever. I have made all possible attempts to ensure the accuracy in my specific environment, but please be aware that use of any information contained herein has the possibility of causing irreversible damage to equipment or software, as well as other unintended consequences. Use this information at your own risk.

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