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It's come to my attention that some spammers are using the domain in forged sender addresses.

This is a fairly common practice with spammers. Unfortunately, my domain seems to have been targeted by a number of them.

If there was anything I could do about this, I would do all in my power. Unfortunately, the "From" (or sender) address in an email message is generated by the sender, and therefore can be faked to their hearts' content. Most responsible mail server administrators take measures to protect against this, but unfortunately there are many servers that are either incorrectly configured (out of ignorance) or are kept open for the purposes of sending spam.

I have not yet noticed any of this happening with my other domains ( and

Just to clarify, the *only* addresses that outgoing mail will come from, on any of these domains are:

  • jason
  • bugs
  • postmaster
  • hostmaster

If you see e-mail originating from any other sender on these domains, it is not valid and most likely has been spoofed.

In this case, please forward the entire message to abuse@(originating domain). Please DO NOT forward to postmaster.

For those who are technically inclined: all of my outgoing e-mail is routed through's servers in order to cope with my dynamic IP. The headers of a legitimate message from my domain should show a second or thrid hop as received from by vms* (Verizon's mailserver).

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