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The Eventum project is an open-source bug tracking system from MySQL. It allows bug reporting for multiple projects via a web-based interface, email, or CLI. It also includes time tracking, CVS/SVN integration, anonymous bug reporting, and other useful features.

In my experience, however, it is actually quite difficult to use. I performed an installation, but had some problems with the installation - specifically with email reporting of new issues and CVS integration. I must warn that the documentation on this project is quite sparse, and it is not recommended for the faint of heart, or anyone who doesn't have experience with PHP.

I got email working out of the box for one project, but it seems to not be running for the others, despite identical settings. Also, I did not test the ability to receive emails - only to send out alerts to developers of new bugs, nor did I test the CLI features.

I also noted the apparent lack of ability to anonymously view bugs, which would surely lead to duplicate bugs in any large project. I may, in the future, hack together a quick PHP script to accomplish this.

CVS integration

The documentation here is not only sparse, but would not load in the javascript popup which was provided for this purpose. I was forced to find the documentation files by hand and view them in lynx - they are the scm*.html files in the eventum/templates/help directory.

One of the things that I was able to find out is that they require the use of an external viewer to view diff and commit information, and that the Chora CVS Viewer from the Horde project was "highly recommended" - not ViewVC, which I use.

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