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conserver is a *nix program that allows easy control of access to console/terminal devices, and distributes this access on the LAN. It is composed of two programs - conserver, the daemon, and console, the client. The client can be run either on the local machine or over the network, and can connect to a console on the "master" server or any other subordinate server.

The conserver client has two modes - read-write (RW), known as "normal" mode, and read-only (RO), known as "spy" mode.

Console Usage

Command-Line Options

-e^C\sets escapr string to ^C \
-aConnect RW mode. You're dropped to RO and RW is stolen if anyone else connects. default mode
-bmessagebroadcast message to all users on all conserver servers.
-ddisconnect. You can then specify user, @console, or user@console
-fdefault mode but force any existing session into RO/spy mode.
-ishow status output in machine-parsable format
-sconnect in RO (spy) mode.
-ushow a list of all consoles with status
-wshow a list of all users connected to consoles
-xlist all consoles and devices
-zcmdSend a command. Can be any of:

bringup - attempt to bring up all consoles that are down
quit - instruct server to quit

reconfig - reload config files (server)

Interactive Options

The default escape sequence is ^E c, or Ctrl-E c. After entering this sequence, you have access to some options. The important ones are:

aattach read/write mode
wshow who is on this console
zsuspend connection
;move to another console
bsend broadcast message
ddown a console
fforce attach read/write
nwrite a note to the logfile
pplayback the last 60 lines
rreplay last 20 lines
schange to spy mode (read only)

The full list is:

 .    disconnect                        ;    move to another console
 a    attach read/write                 b    send broadcast message
 c    toggle flow control               d    down a console
 e    change escape sequence            f    force attach read/write
 g    group info                        i    information dump
 L    toggle logging on/off             l?   break sequence list
 l0   send break per config file        l1-9 send specific break sequence
 m    display the message of the day    n    write a note to the logfile
 o    (re)open the tty and log file     p    playback the last 60 lines
 P    set number of playback lines      r    replay the last 20 lines
 R    set number of replay lines        s    spy mode (read only)
 u    show host status                  v    show version info
 w    who is on this console            x    show console baud info
 z    suspend the connection            |    attach local command
 ?    print this message                <cr> ignore/abort command
 ^R   replay the last line              \ooo send character by octal code
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