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A general reminder of some useful Cisco CatOS commands.



  • Commands to be entered should be in monospace.
  • Input to commands is enclosed in < and >
  • Optional input is enclosed in [ ]
  • Multiple options are enclosed in { } and separated by |
  • Module/port number combinations are noted as "mod/port", but generally this can also include a whole module ("2/") or a range ("2/1-5").

Command Lines

Overall System Configuration
set system {name <name> | location <location> | contact <contact>}sets the specified system information
set prompt < prompt >sets the prompt text
set time <DayName mm/dd/yyyy hh:ii:ss>sets the system time
set interface sc0 < yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy>sets supervisor interface IP (xxx) and netmask (yyy)
set ip route < yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy>sets an IP route. To set default gateway, use for xxx and the gateway address for yyy
show {system | time | interface | ip route | version}shows general configuration information (set with above commands)
Overall System Monitoring
show environment {all|power}shows switch environment information
show moduleshows module information - status, model/serial numbers, etc.
set port name <mod/port> <name>sets the name of a port
set port {enable | disable} <mod/port>DESC
show cam dynamic [<mod/port>]shows the MAC addresses on a port (without a mod/port specifier, shows MAC address table)
show port [status|counters|security] <mod/port>shows status of a port or, shows a specific attribute (status, counters, security)
set port security <mod/port> enable <mac-addr>enable port security on mod/port and add mac-addr
set port security <mod/port> maximum <num>sets num maximum number of MAC addresses on port
set port security <mod/port> <mac-addr>adds mac-addr to allowed MACs on the port
show cam <mac-addr>shows what port a MAC is associated with
set vtp domain <name>sets the VTP domain name
set vtp domain <name> mode {server|client|transparent}sets the VTP domain mode
set vlan <vlan-num> name <name>Create a new VLAN and give it a name
set vlan <vlan-num> <mod/port>Add a mod/port to a VLAN.
set trunk <mod/port> on dot1q <vlan-nums>Setup an 802.1Q-tagged trunk on mod/port, passing VLANS specified by vlan-nums (using commas or ranges)

Common Tasks

Setup SSH

  • set crypto key rsa 1024
  • show crypto key
  • set ip permit <IP-addr> <netmask> ssh - add an IP permit
  • set ip permit enable ssh
  • show ip permit

Backup Config

  • copy config tftp all

Upgrade CatOS

  • copy tftp bootflash: (if bootflash is too full, you may need to delete & squeeze)
  • clear boot system all
  • dir bootflash: (find the filename we want)
  • set boot system flash bootflash:<filename>
  • set boot config-register 0x2102
  • set boot system flash bootflash: (tell to boot default/first file if the one we specified can't)
  • reset system

Commands to Add

  • show port counters
  • show counters < mod | mod/port >
  • show ip dns
  • show netstat
  • show snmp
  • set logging server <ip>
  • show cdp neighbors
  • show arp

Feature Additions

8.4 GLX

  • 802.1x Guest VLAN
  • IEEE802.3af PoE enhancement


  • k8 - base
  • k9 - adds SSH


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