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Configuration Files

File Sets

By default, Bacula will not transcend filesystems. If you're sure that you want to backup something on another filesystem, you should specify the mount point of that filesystem explicitly.

You shouldn't backup anything that's mounted via NFS for two reasons - 1) it's better to backup on the server where the data is actually stored so you won't back it up twice and, more importantly 2) if the NFS mount isn't available, the backup would fail.

Job Status Codes

These were taken from the database in my 2.2.4 installation on openSuSE (installed from SuSE RPMs).

| JobStatus | JobStatusLong                   |
| C         | Created, not yet running        |
| R         | Running                         |
| B         | Blocked                         |
| T         | Completed successfully          |
| E         | Terminated with errors          |
| e         | Non-fatal error                 |
| f         | Fatal error                     |
| D         | Verify found differences        |
| A         | Canceled by user                |
| F         | Waiting for Client              |
| S         | Waiting for Storage daemon      |
| m         | Waiting for new media           |
| M         | Waiting for media mount         |
| s         | Waiting for storage resource    |
| j         | Waiting for job resource        |
| c         | Waiting for client resource     |
| d         | Waiting on maximum jobs         |
| t         | Waiting on start time           |
| p         | Waiting on higher priority jobs |

Job Type Codes

Job Type Code Meaning
B Backup
M Previous job that has been migrated
V Verify
R Restore
c Console
C Copy
I Internal system job
D Admin job
A Archive
C Copy
g Migration
S Scan

Job Level Codes

Backup Level Code Meaning
F Full backup
I Incremental backup
D Differential backup
C Verify from catalog
V Verify init db
O Verify volume to catalog
d Verify disk to catalog
A Verify data on volume
B Base job
Restore or admin job
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